Salt Number – Flavor, not heat


Salt Number – Flavor, not heat


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Salt Number is one of the Double E Racing Team’s great Sponsors.  Give them a try.

What is SaltNumber?

We want to bring unique, quality flavor in a beautiful package to your kitchen.  Offering the finest ingredients, reusable packages and an unparalleled taste.

Flavor, not heat.  Although spicy peppers are critical to the flavor experience of Salt Number, the spices work to expand the taste of your food, not set fire to your tongue.


Simple, flavorful, quality, making life taste better.

Simple Ingredients:

Sel Gris de Guérande

A name suggesting the essential link between the land, the sea, and the superb salts for which the region is famed. Guérande is from gwen ran (“white land”) in Breton, the Celtic language of Brittany.  It is a land ideally situated for the product of salt.  Guérande’s natural estuaries, bright days, and reliable breezes have been creating brilliant white lakes of salt for thousands of years, even before being discovered by civilized man.

The salts are mixed in small batches to ensure freshness and peak flavor.

Salt No. 1 –  Celtic Sea Salt from France spiced with ground Cayenne.  Great for everyday use.

Salt No. 2 –  Celtic Sea Salt from France spiced with Jalapeno – great for salads and vegetables

Salt No. 3. Ground Chipotle mixed with Celtic Sea Salt from France. Exceptional on meat.